Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Models are stripped!

Hey guys just a quick update. I was able to get all the models out of the stripper and cleaned on Sunday. After bouncing some ideas off a local friend. I decided that I'm going to go off and be the odd guy and do Angels of Absolution instead of regular Dark Angels.

A refresher for anyone who doesn't know the paint scheme.

After talking with Chung from Wargamers Consortium about the new Badger minitaire
 line and a good equivelant for the Games workshop bleached bone since airbrushing would save me a large amount of time. You can see his response post Here. I'm going to follow his advice and pick up. Muddy Brown, Bark and Ancient Bone and give it a go.

I was going to go the Vallejo model air route but figured I would give this new line a shot and see how it goes. Friday I'll be ordering the paint and the previously mentioned bits for the conversions. And then it's lots of painting in my future. I'm going to try and have the models Table top ready minus the bases, by the 16th of February since my nearest game store is having a 1500 point tournament that day. I have to wait to order those when I get my check from Trollandtoad.com for selling some old oversized magic cards.

I also need to look into making custom AoA decal sheet. I know Chung tossed up a video awhile back. I'm off to watch that. Don't have to much fun out there guys.


  1. Replies
    1. I used La's Totally Awesome from the dollar store. Costs 3 dollars for a huge jug.

  2. And it doesn't melt the plastic?

  3. Nope not at all. I tossed everything in on Friday night and removed everything Sunday. 90% of the models came out clean after running them under water and using a electric toothbrush. A few of the models had so much paint you couldn't see any of the detail and it ate right through all of the paint to bare plastic. If you check on dakka in the painting and modeling section someone has a length post about the stuff.

  4. Cool thanks i have been experimenting as i have quite a few from previous paint jobs and i am finally getting to a point where i am able to bring to life what i envision in my mind and i wanted to repaint my early lack of skills models to my new level and can't afford all new models. I am also doing dark angels just fyi and came up with my own successor chapter. Btw love the work u have already done

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