Sunday, January 27, 2013

Possible Tournament List

Just a quick update today guys. I'm waiting for bits and paint to come in to really get this project into high gear. I'm having trouble coming up with a list I like for a local tournament in February but here it is. And as always C&C are welcome.


* Librarian (135pts)
Level 2
* Power Armour
Auspex, Combi-Melta,Space Marine Bike
Sammael, Grand Master of the Ravenwing and Leader of the Hunt (200pts)
* Corvex (Jetbike)
+ Elites + (120pts)
* Dreadnought (120pts)
Twin Linked Autocannon, Twin Linked Autocannon

+ Troops + (561pts
* Ravenwing Attack Squadron (236pts
* Attack Bike
Multi Melta
* 5x Ravenwing Biker
2x Meltagun
* Ravenwing Sergeant
Bolt Pistol

* Tactical Squad (115pts)
Heavy Weapon Marine
* Sergeant
Bolt Pistol, Chain Sword
* 3x Tactical Marine
3x Bolter
* Rhino

* Tactical Squad (210pts)
* Heavy Weapon Marine
* Missile Launcher
Flakk Missiles
* Rhino
* Sergeant
Bolt Pistol, Chain Sword
* Special Weapon Marine
* 7x Tactical Marine
7x Bolter

+ Fast Attack + (210pts)
* Ravenwing Black Knights (210pts)
* 4x Black Knights
3x Plasma Talon, Ravenwing Grenade Launcher
* Ravenwing Huntmaster
Corvus Hammer, Plasma Talon

+ Heavy Support + (270pts)
* Vindicator (135pts)
Seige Shield,
* Vindicator (135pts)
Seige Shield

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