Saturday, February 16, 2013

New updated Adepticon Army list. Hobby update

Hey Hey guys got a 1850 list I'm planning to run at Adepticon. And with the FAQ from them saying to dark shrouds affect each other. While not game changing but a 2+ cover on both of them. Bikes with skilled rider being 3+/3++(cover) and regular bikes being 3+/4++(Cover). I figured I could place both of them  in line with each other and the bubble just touching each other. On the hobby side of things I have all 17 bikes that I own sprayed black and 5 of the bikes are 3 colors at the moment. Just 14 more to go right now. I have 12 more bikes on the way from a trade. I still need to get the two darkshrouds.

Here it is

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Painting update.

Hey Hey guys I was able to accomplish quite a bit of painting today. Got everything in the army at least base coated. I got the normal Tactical marines 75% done just need to do shading, chest eagles and paint the guns then they are finished

Monday, February 11, 2013

Update in AoA

Hey guys sorry I haven't updated recently but daddy duties come before 40k hobby time...
I've gotten everything ready to prime now it would have been done last night but a Airbrush malfunction prevented that..

 But here is a couple of test figs
I'm not to thrilled with how dark they ended up after the oil wash..I think I just went to crazy with it.
Here is my WIP dread

  As always don't have to much fun out there.