Friday, January 18, 2013

First post for the Blog

Welcome everyone this is the first post of this blog that is Warhammer 40k Rehab..Why rehab you say? Well I'm going to take mainly second hand models. Strip them faster than a girl working through college. And rebuild them into Dark Angels (No I'm not bandwagoning). I've had Deathwing and Ravenwing for a long time now..They just need some TLC. Expect some formating issues since this is my first blog..and some changes as I get used to it. As always let me know what you think.


                                     Some Tac squads waiting to be stripped

                                    Mister Sammuel waiting for round 2..of stripping

                                      Some of my old Ravenwing ready for TLC

                          My old Command Squad Banner man..Yes I wanted all the heads to look like Grey Knights..
                                           All my Termies..I may or may not redo them all..

                                 I will definetly re do the LC and Thunder hammers yikes those are bad..
                                    My old Apoc and his Storm shield

                                     The horrible Libby paint job..guess where he ended up..

                                    Bellow is my Belial stand in..haven't decided on the new model yet.
                                   Same for the Chappy...horrible..from when I first started painting
                                   And the most amazing stripper ever..sorry Electra..
                                          The for one lol
                                         And my cheer squad my twin girls.

Well that's a pretty long first post lol. I plan to update the blog every time I make some progress during the week. Being a full time stay at home Mister mom take a ton of my time. but Sunday's and Monday's I have free time I should be able to get some done.. My goal also is to possible play Dark Angels in Adepticon this year if I get them done in time..


  1. First thing: Jump break is your friend! :D

    Other than that, I approve of model rehabilitation, and so shall be following this blog rather closely... consider yourself added to my blog roll.

    1. Thanks for the Tip! Like I said I'm pretty new to this and it didn't help I decided to kick this off at Midnight lol

    2. Good on ya!

      If you ever get too bored, I run which, well it doesn't actually have any particular topic, aside from being generally limited to stuff concerning wargaming, but I still try to keep it interesting.

  2. Lots of work to be done. Thanks for the heads up on the stripping solution. I plan & searching for some.

    1. But of course sir. I'm hoping this blog will keep me motivated at working at it.