Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tournament Results.

    Just a quick update on my local 1850 tournament and how it went. I took the usual SoD list,
Sammy corvex
Libby Auspex, bike, PFG Divenation for Typhoons
RCS Apothecary, Champ, SoD,
2 6 man RAS plain
1 3 man RAS 2 meltas
RSS 3 Typhoons with Hbs
Devestators with 3 Flakk ML
Aegis Line with Quad Gun.

    1st Game normal Dawn of War deployment Emperor's will and Kill points
nid list
flying hive tyrant with devourer talons
2 20 man devourer gaunt squads
1 10 man bare gaunts
2 squads of 3 zoans
2 fexs with devourers.
prime with warrior brood of 4 (warlord)
     I got first turn and scouted up..Then of course as my luck goes he seized on me.. His 1st zoanthrope brood used their small blast power. He got all 3 off with no deny the witch from myself. All 3 scattered perfectly to get 12 hits and 8 wounds on my black knight squad..well there gone.. Second zoan brood at my Command squad.. Gets 8 hits after scatter and does 6 wounds.. even after FNP.. libby and standard are dead.. game just went down hill from there and I got tabled in the 6th turn. I did end up killing 2 of the devoursquads and Sammy and the comand squad killed both zoan squads after a rad and plasma shots and a double charge. and his warlord and warrior brood. so 26pts to my zilch.

Game 2
mix guard list.
2 chimeras
2 Russes with demolisher cannons .
Lots and Lots of guardsman with heavy weapon teams.
Vendetta w vets
10 man rough rider squad (odd and was like really)
.Hammer and Anvil depoyment I think it's called (short edge to short edge).Mission KP's and Scouring..
      Got first turn scouted up. Then moved and brought the pain..dice started out hot hot hot. Targeted a 30 man blob with the first RAS shot my 24 shots..after twin linked had 20 hits then did 15 wounds.. after his cover saves 12 guardsman where dead and ran away at the end of the shooting phase. Targeted his 10 man blob with the other and wiped them all. The black knights shot his first rought rider squad and killed all but two. Quad gun and missiles shot at the first russ and got 2 hull points and immobile result. His 1st turn he moved up the other Russ and shot and killed 4 RAS bikes form the first squad. And he tried to charge the black knights with the last two rough riders and over watched to death.. 
      My second turn both MMAB came in and proceed to do nothing the rest of the game..only rolled ones all game to hit..(A sign to what was coming.) Game went back and forth. In the 3rd turn his Vendetta cam on and I intercepted it down and it crashed killing the 10 vets inside..and guess where it crashed..Right on top of a combat..with Sammy and the RCS against a blob squad..and proceed to kill Sammy by taking his last wound and the Apothecary.. leaving the Champ and Libby.. End of the game in the 6th and he got me on objectives and slay the warlord, I got KP's First blood and Line breaker.. Battle points were 14 to12 in my favor Now 1 win 1 loss.

Game 3 Blob guard again...
2 20 blob with HWT auto
3 10 man squads with HWT one auto's on lascannon one plain
2 3 man HWT auto and one lascannon
3 Basilisks
10 Rough riders...(2 in a row odd)
2 Hellhounds
     He also had some commissar or two in there somewhere.
Dawn of war deployment and moddified Big guns with KP's Objectives were having a scoring unit completely in a terrain piece. I got the effect reserve DA warlord trait And Night fight. He won the role to go first and gave me first turn. He also deployed the bassies in one corner and the manticore in the other...Shrug ok works for me. He then attempted to seize and failed. I decided to focus on the HWT, and rough riders at first and was going to let my MMAB and 3 man squad work on the tanks. Usual scout up then first turn movement I shot the first RAS at the auto HWT and killed them all, Second at the Las and killed them all, Black Knights vaporized the Rough Riders. His return fire was enefective and killed one knight and 2 RAS bikers he tried the bassies at the knights and scatterred away on all 3. The manticore shot and only killed 2 bikers from the second squad after saves. My second turn both MMAB show up and the 3 man squad does as well do to reserve manipulation. Attack bike and 3 man pop the bassies in shooting leaving only one with no cannon on it. The manticore got a stunned result.. Black knights shot at one 20 man blob squad killed 8 after cover saves and the ran since the commissar died from shooting. Both RAS shot at the 10 mans and killed over half of each after cover saves and assaulted to sweep them. RCS, Libby, and Sammy took on the other blob squad and killed them out right in shooting and assault. Typhoons shot and blew up a hellhound and the devs stunned the other. His turn he shot and charged at the RCS and sam and libby. I killed 3 in overwatch and killed the rest in CC including yarrik who failed to get back up. At the end of the game I had KP's warlord, FB, Linebreaker. We pushed on objectives and he had linebreaker from a ccs he walked across the field the whole time. 21 Pts to 7 my favor. 2-1 now.

Game 4
Sorcerer Mvl3 terminator armor
6 man Noise Marines w Rhino
2x 6 man Noise Marines
5 Terminators
5 possessed
Forge fiend.
     Vanguard Strike deployment and Crusade. Now I just want to say this guy. I think was new to the tournament scene or something..but He was trash talking the S@!t to me..and was questioning my deployment saying he would do it this way or that way as well as wanting to exactly mesure if my aegis was 3 in from terrain when it was at least a good 5.and wanting me to do a Dangerous terrain during my's a redeployment..he also said he didn't fear my list and it looked weak and He wins all the time with this list at his local club = Not happy dice gods.. I win the roll for first and scout per the norm. He deployed one noise marines in terrain to the left one in a ruin on the right, rhino behind a los blocking hill with Lucius and noise marines inside the forge fiend behind a hill for cover and the possessed in the open.. Sorcerer with terminators to deep strike. He failed to seize.
      My Turn 1RAS 1 targets the noise marines in ruins and kills them all. After 21 hits and 17 wounds. RAS 2 targets the possessed and kills all but 3 after saves. The Black knights kill all of the noise marines in the left terrain. RCS shoots and takes a wound from the possed champ since he got one on the boon table at start of game. Typhoons shoot and blow up the forge fiend. So he has a rhino with lucius 6 noise marines inside and 3 possessed left. His turn one. He moves the rhino over the hill jumps out Lucius and his squad and flamer and kills 4 black knights. The possessed charge the RAS lose the champ to over watch. And wiffs in combat and I don't do anything back hit and run out..
       My turn 2, everything comes on his short edge. Black knights kill 4 noise marines in shooting leaving Lucius and 2 noise marines left. RAS 1 shoots at Lucius and he absorbs all of the shots with look out sir and the noise marines making saves. RAS 2 shoots and kills possessed. Typhoons kill the rhino, RCS, Sammy and Libby light up Lucius and his squad and kill them all. He has nothing on the table.. He rolls reserves termies and sorcerer don't come in. His heldrake comes on and immediately gets intercepted and blown out of the sky. I extend my hand to him..he refuses the think the game is over. I politely tell him he has no models on the table at the end of his turn. He's tabled. Still refuses to believe me..I show him in the rule books where it says so. He refuses the hand shake and literally throws his models in his bag and storms out.. I got General since I wasn't all the way painted but would have got overall if I was fully painted. Difference of 40 dollars in loot..But won 50 bucks and picked up some more black knights.

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  1. Nice turn around after game one. Too bad about the last guy, def. some issues there.