Monday, March 4, 2013

Crunch time..

Well it's starting to be crunch time again.. Been busy with sick babies, sick wife and myself. I've been in crunch mode the past week getting things ready for a local tournament I went to. Needless to say things didn't go as expected with the list I took so back to the drawing board for Adepticon.. Here is what I'm looking at now.

Sammy on Corvex
Libby on bike auspex and power field generator

Ravenwing command squad with Banner of dev, apoc and champ

Black Knights x7
Ravenwing Support Squad 3 typhoons, with MM

RAS 6 bikes
RAS 6 bikes

RAS 3 bikes 2 melta melta
attack bike, mm
attack bike, mm

Devestator Squad 3 ML + Flakk

Aegis Line with I. Lascannon

Here is a picture of the Librarian on bike I made. I seen this on I think it was bolter and chainsword. I can't find my link for the life of me at the moment. 

 Also here is a shot of the army I took to the is barely 3 colors..I cut alot of corners to get it that way. We were allowed one unpainted model..Heldrakes really did a number to me..despite 6 flakk missile launchers. But Sammy, libby with telepathy, and black knights were rockstars.

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